Our Coconut Oil Mill operator Daniel Tassi has been working super hard in our factory rebuild.

This rebuild is a far cry from any building project you might be used to – there’s no local hardware store to swing by and pick up extra materials as you need them. Getting all the supplies we need to the island after Cyclone Pam has been difficult, a struggle even, to say the least. When it does get there, most has to be carted from ship to shore by hand, and then made on site. But block by block, room by room, it’s taking shape, and this second Tanna Farms Coconut Oil factory is looking better than ever.

The coconut trees are producing again and the farmers from all over Tanna island know we’ll be buying their naturally organic coconuts very soon, allowing us to resume making the oil we love. So nine months on things are truly looking up…take that TC Pam!

Tanna Farms Coconut Oil and products made with this coconut oil can be purchased on line in New Zealand and in various store locations throughout Port Vila, Vanuatu. We love our Naturally Organic Cold Pressed Vanuatu Coconut Oil and hope you do too.



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