We get so much great feedback about our lovely brand so we thought we’d tell you a bit about it and the person behind it.

When Claire and Jono first started looking for their ‘designer’ they knew one thing – they didn’t want their Coconut Oil to look like any other on the market and I’m sure you will agree that it doesn’t, with not one cracked coconut in sight.

The Tanna Farms brand was created by Nicky Barnes of Pandanus Consulting. Nicky is a kiwi who is now based right here in Vanuatu. Nicky completely appreciated where Jono and Claire were coming from with their brief and together they came up with our masterpiece.

Before settling down in Port Vila eight years ago, Nicky spent 15 years working in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Australia. She’s addicted to the edgy tropical lifestyle and escapes the city as often as possible, usually by boat, off exploring the islands! We love the fact that she is here in Vila and completely ‘got’ what we were about.

With Nickys help the fun and funky packaging for our Coconut Oil was developed. Nicky and her team wanted to ensure that the packaging made the product leap off the shelf when compared with other packaging in the market which was quite conventional. So the branding is young, fresh and funky and importantly it denotes the Tanna Farms’ values.

The packaging includes our ‘jungle’ design representing the unique green tropical environment in Vanuatu – you’ll notice it even features Mt Yasur, Tanna’s very own volcano. This print is used across all our products in some form (lip balms, peanut butter, soaps and peanuts). We have great fun with it and always love the end results that Nicky comes up with.

Nicky (like most of the Tanna Farms crew) is addicted to the Coconut Oil. She uses it as a body product for makeup removal, as a moisturiser and hair conditioner. She is also regularly making up great tropical smoothie recipes. She first discovered Coconut Oil as part of Ayurvedic treatments and her passion for the product has grown from there. She’s a bit of a health nut, and yoga teacher so we think she’s a great fit for our team.


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