You may have heard (mainly because we haven’t stopped talking about it) that we are scheduled to appear on New Zealand’s longest running iconic television series, Country Calendar – eek!

Yes, little ol’ Tanna Farms, our boutique Vanuatu Coconut Oil producing company, is going to appear on prime time New Zealand TV.

Just a tad excited … but also nervous, scared, hopeful and anxious … all at the same time.

For those of you who haven’t been involved with the filming of a television documentary, let us tell you, it’s quite involved! Days of preparation and shooting. Lots of ‘let’s take that shot again’. Claire was slightly concerned that there was no hair and makeup department…lol, not really! The Country Calendar way is raw and authentic and that’s totally what you will see when you watch our episode. Let’s just say, though, the entire process took us way out of our comfort zone.

But do you know what? We’d do it all again in a heartbeat. While we’re not in the business of counting our coconuts before they’ve cracked, we are hoping like crazy that Country Calendar brings enough attention to our Coconut Oil business to boost sales and that it will bring awareness of our brand to existing users of Coconut Oil that have not yet heard about us. As Kiwis ourselves, we know how a good Kiwi yarn will generally cause fellow Kiwis to rally behind a cause that’s close to home. We hope this is no different.

How did it all come about we hear you ask?

One night, after a huge day of shooting in the Vanuatu heat, we were sitting on the breezy beach at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu (they were our Port Vila hosts and we love them) enjoying a beautiful dinner and we asked that very question. Why us? To be honest Celia wasn’t sure (Celia Jaspers was our producer and ‘go-to’ girl the entire time). She did say however that there are 100’s of stories that hit the TVNZ desk for consideration and that it was a huge coup for us to be chosen. Maybe it was our social media and brand awareness campaign in New Zealand that got us noticed? The marketing team has dreamt about being on Country Calendar, so maybe that was it? Regardless, we will be forever grateful for the experience and exposure. Whatever it was Celia explained, it had an impact because Country Calendar rarely, if ever, go abroad to shoot and for that reason, we found ourselves heavily involved in the planning due to the exceptional circumstances of filming overseas. Once the planning started and the coconut started rolling, it did not stop!

So now, after hours of discussions, questions, preparation, and filming in the depths of an NZ Winter one minute, then the heat of Vanuatu the next, we have our 30 minutes of fame. We hope there aren’t too many cringe-worthy moments, but if there are, we’ll take them in our stride because this is BIG for us and BIG for Vanuatu. We hope it helps put Vanuatu on the map and impacts us all in a hugely positive way.

One thing is for sure, we made three new friends along the way – Celia who we have already mentioned – just love her, Don the sound guy was entertainment plus, giggle giggle, and Richard the camera guy was fantastic and didn’t mind answering all our questions and teaching us about his camera gear. When you spend that amount of time with strangers, you can’t help but build a connection and we’ll always have that.

Mark Sunday 8th October @ 7pm in your diary. Get a comfy spot on the couch and tune in to TVNZ 1 to watch 30 minutes of television and learn all about Tanna Farms. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for updates too. We’ll be sharing the entire journey with you as we ride this wave of good fortune.

Bigfala Tanna Farms tank yu to:

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu – our Port Vila accommodation hosts, you guys are the best

Air Vanuatu – for supporting the TVNZ 1 crew the entire way

Vanuatu Tourism Office – for getting this film project over the line

Whitegrass Resort, Tanna

World Car Rentals, Port Vila Vanuatu

Country Calendar airs each Sunday at 7pm on New Zealand’s TVNZ 1. 

The Tanna Farms feature appears on Sunday October 8th.



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