For those of you who didn’t realise, we produce all our Virgin Coconut Oil and gather our nuts (hehe) in our Lenakel factory on Tanna Island. The oil and nuts are then transported in bulk up to Port Vila by boat and delivered to our packing plant in Teouma Gardens.

After our rebuild from Pam, the Tanna Island factory is ready to start production again with her newly built peanut room, new roof, new coat of paint and very proud team ready to start making coconut oil again. This factory is built solid and will laugh in the face of any future cyclone. We’re just a few weeks off being in full production mode with Green Coconuts becoming available once more – a whole year after the cyclone – crazy right!

Fortunately, thanks to the great foresight of the team, we’ve been able to maintain our supply levels thanks to the safely stored Oil that we had tucked away during Pam.

Up in Teouma Gardens in Port Vila, the boys are busy painting the new packing plant. In true Tanna Farms form the roof is bright red and the walls bright green – Tanna Farms colours of course.

The packing plant team have been FLAT OUT as they prepare our biggest order yet that is heading for the shores of New Zealand. Yup, kiwis love our Good Stuff and we’re ensuring we keep up with demand by sending a few pallets their way.


2015-11-16 10.41.35

The boys getting the Lenakel Factory looking spiffy.





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