The way we make our Tanna Farms Coconut Oil represents everything we stand by.

Our coconut oil is 100% naturally organic, 100% handmade, and created with a 100% renewable energy source – the Direct Micro Expelling (DME) process we follow uses coconut shell and husk as fuel, so that nothing goes to waste.

We are often asked how our Coconut Oil is produced and why it is better than others on the market. The fact that our oil is 100% additive free, making it good for your skin and your food are two reasons. Another is that we are supporting and empowering the communities of Vanuatu to build a sustainable business using a resource that is on their doorstep.

This video clip of ABC’s ‘The New Inventors’ program, shows what the DME Process is and how it works to produce the best quality coconut oil – Tanna Farms Coconut Oil. The story told and demonstrated by the inventor himself, Dr Dan Etherington.


Tanna Farms – bringing the finest coconut oil that nature allows to people all over the world. We deliver worldwide and have stockists carrying our Coconut Oil in New Zealand, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Handmade in Vanuatu by the Tanna Farms family. Read more about ‘our story’ here.






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