Meet Claire.

Wife to Jono (the Tanna Farms initiator) and mother to three awesome kids. Claire has been part of the “Jono & Claire team” for more than 25 years.

Having traveled the world together and previously working with Jono in the print and graphic design industry, over the years Claire has worn many hats which has prepared her for the roller coaster life she currently leads – “Never a dull moment that’s for sure!”

Jono is renowned for coming up with some great ideas and loving a new challenge to which Claire often finds herself rolling her eyes (and smiling) as Jono talks about the next big plan!

As Tanna Farms has evolved Claire has taken on a diverse job description which includes sales, marketing, social media, HR manager (just to name a few); and last but certainly not least, being Jono’s sounding board and grounding force as she attempts to rein him and his next big idea in.

Not forgetting of course that while Claire fulfills her Tanna Farms role/s her #1 job is caring for their three fantastic children…Jack 12, Millie 11 & Joe 7 who are all known to be in one of the Tanna Farms test kitchens concocting the next great feast or sweet treat using of course, Tanna Farms products. It’s often their photos that you see on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Over the past two years Claire and the kids have lived between NZ and Vanuatu having the summer in NZ and the winter in Vanuatu which they have loved. This year sees them settling in NZ with Jono doing a two week about commute and Claire & the kids heading to Vanuatu in the school holidays and for work when required! “I feel very lucky to be able to live in two very beautiful Countries”! Frankly, we don’t see her often enough in Vanuatu and do look forward to the school holidays. However, being NZ based has been crucial to the success of Tanna Farms as she anchors the team and helps spread the word about our Good Stuff.

Nambawan PV (2)

                          Claire and Jono at their Port Vila ‘local’, Nambawan Cafe.





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