Media release from Tanna Farms
Date: 17 April 2018

Australian’s To ‘Go Nuts’ For New Vanuatu Coconut Oil

In response to an overwhelming number of requests, Vanuatu’s leading Certified Organic Coconut Oil producer has expanded its export portfolio to now include Australia.

Tanna Farms has delivered its first batch of Coconut Oil to Australian shores this month (April 2018) and is excited by the response so far.

Tanna Farms Director, Jono Bushell, said people have been asking for the Coconut Oil to be available in Australia for a long time, and now the company can deliver.

“Tourists who visit Vanuatu get a taste for our pure, unrefined, cold pressed Coconut Oil and take it home with them. They then want it again and again,” he said. “For so long now, we have had to say ‘no’, but now we can get the Coconut Oil to Australians and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Jono said that their company story and ethos resonates with everyone who takes the time to learn about Tanna Farms and its history.

“Our Coconut Oil is produced by hand – not a mechanised method. All the ‘hands’ required to create the oil, of course, means employment,” said Jono. “Each time you purchase a Tanna Farms product you are directly supporting the communities of Vanuatu. All proceeds earned from Coconut Oil sales are poured directly straight back into the company to help continue to build a sustainable business for years to come.”

“People also like the fact that they’re supporting their fellow Pacific neighbours,” he said. “Vanuatu is just a short three-hour flight from Australia’s east coast, so the Coconut Oil doesn’t travel huge distances.”

Tanna Farms Coconut Oil is certified organic – accredited by BioGro New Zealand. It is raw, unrefined, cold pressed, chemical free and pure which means it’s not only good for your food but good for your skin too – there is a place for this oil in your kitchen and your bathroom.

Distribution of the Coconut Oil to retailers is already underway in Victoria and available nationwide here online. The Tanna Farms team are looking to work with distributors in other states and welcome distribution and stockist inquiries.


More about Tanna Farms

Tanna Farms produce top quality, certified organic, hand-made, cold pressed, extra virgin Coconut Oil on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. Tanna Farms is a boutique Coconut Oil production company with strong company values. They are all about employing and empowering the people of Vanuatu to build a sustainable business that they can benefit from for years to come. This means that Tanna Farms is committed to creating work opportunities for everyone along the way. For our full story click here.



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