Vanuatu Coconut Oil Producer Achieves Certified Organic Status

Vanuatu’s leading Coconut Oil producer and exporter can proudly confirm its ‘in-conversion to organic’ status with the highly accredited organic certifier, BioGro New Zealand. Tanna Farms will be fully certified in the coming months.

Strategically, Tanna Farms nominated BioGro to gain their organic certification for their Coconut Oil and products because New Zealand is the company’s’ biggest export market and it reinforces the ‘kiwi’ connection. The BioGro certification label is widely recognised around the world and is also New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier. Producers carry the BioGro logo on their products to assure their customers that the produce they buy is genuine organic.

Tanna Farms Director, Jono Bushell, said making the significant investment to earn Organic Certification was based on market demand. It is further testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to supplying a top-end Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and products, that support the communities of Vanuatu.

“Organic Certification by a recognised independent industry body is the consumers’ guarantee that they’re getting a pure and safe product,” said Jono.

“Our export market demanded our Coconut Oil and products be Certified Organic – the consumer is calling out for certified produce. We selected BioGro because of its New Zealand association and their certification is so widely recognised.”

The path to reach this milestone has been lengthy and thorough. Tanna Farms contracted Pacific Provender Ltd, to guide Tanna Farms through the process with BioGro.

In preparation for the primary audit with BioGro NZ, the Pacific Provendor team conducted a series of internal audits and workshops with the coconut plantation farmers and peanut growers Tanna Farms work with. The process created opportunities for farmers to learn organic farming methods and practises necessary for compliance with the BioGro Organic Standards.

Jono said that there was no need for farmers or Tanna Farms to change anything too dramatically following the audits by Pacific Provendor and BioGro.

“We’ve always run a tight and efficient operation, but this process has been a fantastic opportunity for us to fine-tune our processes and the farmers can now guarantee that their organic produce is authentic,” said Jono.

“We have introduced organic recording systems and the product can be traced back to the farm it was grown. The farmers have also had access to education and training in organic growing and certification – it’s been very worthwhile for everyone involved.”

Tanna Farms is committed to the mentoring of the farmers and associated staff by providing ongoing education and training in organic standards.

BioGro certification guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. Their logo is the mark of a genuine organic product. Tanna Farms have met all BioGro production standards and have just a few more weeks of ‘in-conversion to organic’ status before their Coconut Oil and products will be classified as ‘Certified Organic’.

In addition to the farmers and growers, Tanna Farms is gaining BioGro Organic Certification for their processing facilities for Coconut Oil and Peanuts, at Lenakel on Tanna island and Teouma in Port Vila, as well their body care range of soaps and lip balms.

Tanna Farms produce the finest Coconut Oil that nature allows, the good stuff. They also make other products using this oil including Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Coconut Soap, Coconut Lip Balm and Gift Baskets. Tanna Farms products are available for purchase in various locations throughout Vanuatu, New Zealand and New Caledonia. A full list of stockists can be found here.


620mL Bottle 2017 (489x1024)

More about Tanna Farms: Tanna Farms produce top quality hand-made cold pressed extra virgin Coconut Oil on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. Tanna Farms are a boutique Coconut Oil production company with strong company values. They are all about employing and empowering the people of Vanuatu to build a sustainable business that they can benefit from for years to come. This means that Tanna Farms are committed to creating work opportunities for everyone along the way.

Tanna Farms fields are cleared by hand, the seeds planted by hand and then harvested by hand. The coconuts to make their beautiful raw oil are collected by hand, cracked by hand and their special cold press device is operated by hand. The peanuts are picked by hand, dried by hand, shelled by hand and cooked in Tanna Farms Coconut Oil by hand. Then all their products are delivered to Port Vila where everything is packaged and labelled, you guessed it, by hand.

More about BioGro: BioGro is New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products. BioGro’s mission is to enable a sustainable and ethical future for producers and consumers. Their certification is internationally recognised and accredited. This means with BioGro certification, New Zealand producers can access international markets and tap into the growing consumer demand for organic produce. BioGro assists producers to meet international organic regulations in key export markets including Europe, Canada, the US and parts of Asia.





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