Tanna Island, Tanna Farms, Virgin Coconut Oil

Vanuatu is an 82-island Pacific paradise, where green is just the way things are. It’s in the lush tropical plants crowding every road, farm and village, or standing sentry to the brilliant blue of our waters. It’s in the stands of tall coconut palms swaying in the ocean breeze, and the peanut bushes planted at their feet. And it’s in the simple way we do things — face to face, grower to customer, by hand not machine, following nature’s lead at every turn.

One of those islands is Tanna, where a live volcano breaths fire and blows black ash across the land, making it rich and fertile.

Vanuatu is the closest independent Pacific Island to Australia and New Zealand, so come visit us if you get the chance.

Once you’ve tasted its culture, its nature and, yes, its naturally organic coconut oil, you’ll long be glad you did.

To visit the Tanna Farms mill please call: +678 7741 134

Tanna Island


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