We’d like to introduce you to Wick Nixon, the founder of Wicked Wellbeing who we have been working with for about the past year. Wick is a super passionate foodie and she’s doing some pretty cool things with our Coconut Oil which we’re excited to share with you.

But firstly, lets tell you how we came across Wick. When Claire (as in our Tanna Farms Claire) was living in Vanuatu, she was looking from some fresh inspiration when it came to meal time. Like many of us, Claire was so sick of making the same old meals over and over again – sound familiar? Between looking after the family and her involvement with Tanna Farms, Claire was run off her feet and when she got to the end of the day having to think about what to cook for dinner became a real chore and she didn’t like that she was cooking the same old things each week. Wick to the rescue!

Wick offers a healthy on-line four week meal plan designed for families. This totally appealed to Claire as it meant she didn’t have to think about what she was putting on the table, all the thinking was done for her… Problem solved. And she loved it (so did Jono and the kids)!

Claire soon learned how Wick worked and it became clear that her company philosophy was very similar to that of Tanna Farms, so Claire asked Wick if she’d like to try our fab Coconut Oil.

And guess what, Wick loved it! Win, win.

Wick is now a total convert and uses it in so many different ways, more than you could even imagine. So being a lover of our oil, we asked Wick to share with us her top 5 uses.

Wick’s top 5 favourite ways using Tanna Farms Coconut Oil are:-

1. In baking and cooking
I’m one passionate foodie who is always creating loads of different healthy recipes, from baking, to smoothies, soups, to family friendly dinners, you name it, I do it. Here are some of my favourite recipes using Tanna Farms Coconut Oil…

Carrot & Apple Muffins
Prune, Banana & Walnut Loaf
Nut Free Protein Balls
Kumara, Lentil & Coconut Soup
Healthy Nachos


2. I lather it on my toast and on crackers instead of butter!

3. In my hot drinks.

Most mornings I enjoy a warm lemon and water drink to activate my digestive system so I add a teaspoon of the Tanna Farms Good Stuff. And if I’m having a wee evening treat of a hot chocolate, I’ll put a teaspoon in there too!


4. If you’re like me and like a little bit of texture in your smoothies, I’ve discovered quite a cool trick. Make your smoothie as normal including frozen ingredients (eg banana and berries), and just before you drink it, pour in some melted Coconut Oil (if you’re in NZ it really only works in the summer when it’s runny), stir it around and the coolness makes the coconut solidify and create little chunky bits of goodness!

5. I not only keep a jar of the Coconut Oil in the kitchen, I have a little pottle in a prime spot in my bathroom where I lather it over my whole body as a moisturiser. I seriously just can’t get enough of the Good Stuff!

We love to support Wick as much as possible in her ventures and with the launch of her Four Week Summer Meal Plan on the 20th February (It’s called the Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club, cool huh?), we’re giving away a Tanna Farms prize pack which also has her amazing healthy kids lunchbox cookbook in it too.

The whole idea behind the Kitchen Club is to take the stress out of planning your meals, so you can put a healthy meal on the table in record time! So, for anyone who joins her Kitchen Club between the 6th – 12th Feb, they will go into the draw to win this amazing prize pack.

To check out the details of the Wicked Wellbeing Kitchen Club, click HERE. Wick is offering a Buy 1, Get 1 Free Offer for the first time. Maybe you’ve got a friend who would like to try it with you? Grab her special 2 for 1 deal so when you join, they join for FREE. Or split the cost and you’ll both get 50% off… two families benefit for half the price. Or grab her early bird special for only $97 (off full price only), valid until the 14th Feb.

Then you’ll discover even MORE ways to use our amazing Good Stuff!

Tanna Farms prize pack


All out of Vanuatu Made Tanna Farms Coconut Oil? No problem, simply click here to make your on line purchase or click here to find your local stockist. Feel free to add any of our other products to your shopping basket too – all orders over $50NZD receive FREE shipping within New Zealand. Don’t forget that we have supersized coconut oil also in Bulk Tubs.




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